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Kuroushi Junmai Ginjo "Black Bull"

powerhouse omachi sake.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this very special Junmai Ginjo sake is filled with earthy, ricey, honey, and leathery elements. Welcome to a sake that explains a rice varietal. Welcome to Omachi rice sakes. "Black Bull" is a wonderful expression of how Omachi rice works in the sake world. This extremely well-balanced sake is supremely rich and very full-bodied. Red wine lovers take note, as there are many layers of rice tones all over the place. Each glass is an example of the depth and grace of an Omachi rice sake that is vast and solid, and reminds one that drinking sake is drinking rice and not fruit. It is a hearty sake that has enough um-pah-pah to stand up to a ton of large flavored cuisines, but is also very drinkable on its own. "Black Bull" is a special welcome to the world of Omachi rice sakes and it should not be missed. WORD: Rich WINE: Huge Reds/Massive Whites BEER: Stouts FOODS: The kitchen sink – this pairs with such a wide variety of flavors from off the grill to in the stew.