Junmai Ginjo & Ginjo

Junmai Ginjo & Ginjo

These elegant and flavorful categories of sake are bright, fun, and represent the big leap into the “premium” category of sake.  

The Junmai Ginjo category of sake are mandated to have a rice polishing standard of 40% removal and 60% remaining. This segment of sake are made using only the simplest ingredients of rice, water, mold, and yeast. Remember the word Junmai means “rice and water only”, so Junmai Ginjo translates to rice and water milled to 60%. Junmai Ginjo is a great collection of brews that can be fruity and fresh to ricey and dry. This category is perfect for the sushi counter  - clean and balanced cuisines – and easy sipping. Best served chilled.

Ginjo sake has the same milling/polishing standards of Junmai Ginjo, which means 40% removal and 60% remaining, but the difference is the makers use a little bit of “brewer’s alcohol” to clean and lighten up the sake, and in some cases can even make the sake more fruity and with more pop. Added alcohol doesn’t fortify Ginjo sake, but it’s used to bring out more aromatics and textures. Best served chilled.

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