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Dewazakura Oka Ginjo "Cherry Bouquet"

historic ginjo.

Rice: Miyamanishiki, Yuki Kessho milled to 50% Yeast: Association #10 This Ginjo is the sister to Dewasansan and is also milled to Daiginjo levels. The nose is a beautiful blend of flower blossoms, peach, radish, and spring water. It has dry start that is accompanied by a soft and creamy middle mouth filled with dried fruit overtones and a subtle melon finish. The viscosity thickens as the fluid warms in the mouth, and there is an overall floral perception from start to ending. It is a very nice example of a sake that shimmers in one’s mouth as the roundness is quite prominent and appealing. WORD: Pear WINE: White Burgundy/Sauvignon Blanc BEER: Ambers/Smooth Stouts FOODS: Shrimp tempura, scallops with broccoli, sake steamed clams, Japanese omelets.