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Welcome to the at-home education sake kit that explores many of the different types of categories in the sake world. Taste each category of sake and learn what it means to polish or mill sake brewing rice, which is the way sakes are categorized. Each category of sake is described in detail in our “Sake 101” section of the website, and this is a great way to read along as you taste along.


Try all six to get the full sake experience from an everyday table sake “Futsushu” to the most refined premium Junmai Daiginjo’s, and from a traditionally made “Yamahai” sake to the ultra-popular “Nigori” or unfiltered cloudy sake. This kit is a terrific tutorial for those looking to comprehend sake by tasting sake!


Kirinzan “Classic”:  Sake #1 is from the “table sake” Futsushu category and explores less refined sake that is made for everyday drinking.


Otokoyama “Man’s Mountain”: Sake #2 is from the Junmai category and explores the ricy and grainy side of sake that is made to pair with foods.


Tengumai Yamahai “Dance of the Demon”: Sake #3 is made using the old Yamahai brewing technique and explores the gamey and larger bold side of sake.


Kikusui “Chrysanthemum Water”: Sake #4 is from the Junmai Ginjo category and explores the lighter, brighter, dryer and cleaner side of sake.


Wakatake Onikoroshi “Demon” Slayer": Sake #5 is the number one imported sake from the premium Junmai Daiginjo category and it explores the ethereal and flavorful best of rice and water.


Rihaku “Dreamy Clouds”:  Sake #6 is from the “Nigori” or unfiltered sake category and explores the layers of flavors found in these cloudy sakes. 


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