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Rihaku Tokubetsu Junmai Nigori "Dreamy Clouds"

the connoisseur's nigori.
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Size: 720ml
A complex aroma profile touching on steamed rice, cream, slight toffee, and a hint of plum skin. This Nigori is the complete package for those looking for a subtle chewy and creamy sake that has flavor waves of nuts, ripe fruits, toffee, earth tones, and a tinge of banana. It is a multi-layered Nigori with a pronounced acidity that has a subtle sweetness, but leaves a dry mouth. Soft and supple, Dreamy Clouds is that "partially sunny or partially cloudy" in-between Nigori that appeals to both the dry and sweet camp. WORD: Milky WINEChardonnay BEER: Ales FOODS: Smoked and salty fish, salty bar snacks, mac and cheese, coconut rice.