Junmai Daiginjo & Daiginjo

Junmai Daiginjo & Daiginjo

These two categories represent the best of the best, the “A-list” in the sake maker’s industry. 

The Junmai Daiginjo category has the highest standards of milling rates in the sake market with a minimum of 50% rice polishing and 50% remaining.  But that standard is often surpassed by brewers looking to push the rice milling envelope that results in sakes that can be milled down to 35% down to 23% and even 7% remaining figures. These Ultra and Uber Junmai Daiginjo all drink with an elegance and sophistication of flavors and complexities. The entire category is exceptional for consuming on special occasions and gifting. Junmai Daiginjo sakes are fantastic on their own and great with Champagne fare and elegant appetizers. They are always served chilled.  

The Daiginjo category has the same milling standards of 50% removal and 50% remaining but sake makers add a little “brewer’s alcohol” to lighten the brew and bring out more aromatics and softer textures. When sake maker’s send their brews to National Sake Appraisals and Competitions they usually send their Daiginjo sake. They are the ultimate Competition sakes that just jump out of the glass. Always served chilled they pair well with shellfish, sushi, sashimi, and elegant cocktail passing fare.

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