Hello! My name is Chris Cabrera. After working in the sake industry since 2015, it is an honor and a privilege to call True Sake my new home base. Under the tutelage of Toshio Ueno and Sachiko Miyagi, I am also a Sake Adviser certified by the Sake School of America. I've been lucky enough to travel to Japan a handful of times, and was able to visit various breweries and tasting rooms, as well as attend my first ever Sake no Jin in Niigata. These are experiences I will never forget. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise here at True Sake, and meeting fellow sake nerds, lovers, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts.

Some quick picks from me:
Mutsu Hassen Tokubetsu Junmai "Red Label" - My first sake at True Sake as a member of the team. Apple notes on the nose. Dry, full bodied, yet smooth with a round finish.

Otokoyama Kitanoinaho Daiginjo - Had this on my most recent trip to Hokkaido in 2019. Clean, full bodied, layered with pears and mangos. Packaging is pretty rad too.

Tedorigawa Yamahai Junmai "Silver Mountain" - My favorite pairing is this sake and a margherita pizza. Sake doesn't always have to pair with sushi, you know.

Gasanryu Gokugetsu Junmai Daiginjo "Mountain Stream" - I've always had a soft spot for this sake. Plus, it's English translation is "Extreme Moon" LOL. I heard a rumor that this sake might be only pasteurized once, which makes sense once you try it.

DEN Junmai Nama - I live in Oakland, so Yoshi-san and Lani-san will always get love from me. Town Biz. Shoutout to Marshawn Lynch. I miss you man.


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