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Kinmon Akita X3 Amairo Junmai Genshu

aged, umami, world class.
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Size: 720ml
The nose on this triple koji sake is a stunning collection of sherry, rum raisin, toasted pecans, orange peel, maple syrup, sarsaparilla, candied nuts, and steamed rice aromas. This very unique sake has been aged for three years, so we are adding it to our “Koshu” collection, and that is exactly where it belongs. It drinks like an aged and mellowed sake with all of that delicious complexity, and a voluptuousness that is unequaled in more refined brews. Each sip is an explosion of different rich and full-bodied flavors like honey, crème brulee, raisin, toasted almond, button mushrooms, flan, root beer, and a bucket-load of umami that drinks velvety, dense, and lush. A stunning sake that should not be missed as it appeals to all sake drinkers, and is a food pairing superstar. Chilled is great, but coming into room temperature is where this brew likes to play. WORD: World Class WINE: Port/Sherry BEER: Sweet Belgians FOODS: Smoked fish and fowl, lobster, crab, umami-rich fare, pork chops, steaks, ankimo, and new California cuisines.