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Aizu Homare Junmai Ginjo Yamadanishiki 60 "Karahashi"

apples, refreshing, crisp.
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Size: 720ml

From the importer Wismettac fka Nishimoto:

Crafted with a hundred percent Hyogo Prefecture's Yamada Nishiki rice and meticulously brewed using the ultra-soft water "Kitano Homyo Mizu" sourced from 100 meters below the ground. After pressing, it is promptly bottled and stored raw, allowing the flavors to mature. The bottling process occurs only after patiently waiting for the richness to develop, followed by rapid chilling at -5°C in a refrigerated chamber. This sake has been meticulously crafted under stringent supervision until just before shipment.

The bouquet evokes notes of apples and tropical fruits, exuding an exuberant aroma. Its lusciousness and well-balanced interplay of acidity and sweetness characterize the unique and expansive flavor profile inherent to Yamada Nishiki. The refreshing, crisp finish with a touch of sharpness is another hallmark of this exceptional sake, brought to life through dedicated craftsmanship and precise control until the moment it reaches your glass.

2017 IWC (International Wine Challenge) - Gold Medal & Trophy Winner in the Junmai Ginjo Sake Category

Ideal Pairings: Shrimp Chili, Sweet and Sour Pork