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Shinkame Junmai "Holy Turtle"

rich, dry, aged two years.
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Size: 720ml
The nose on this Junmai that has been aged for two years is a vast collection of earthy, nutty, forest floor, steamed rice, and wet wool aromas. Talk about a sake drinker’s sake. This is a Junmai for those who think they know Junmai sake. It is very full bodied, very rich, very round, and very smooth. Oh! And it’s very dry. If you like vast red wines then this brew is for you because it has earth tones, dark chocolate, and cocoa flavors that drink complex and dry. I call it almost “Liquid Dry.” This brew also falls along the lines of a “3 Sipper” sake that takes 3 sips for the sake to blend well in your palate. I think that is the complexity talking. WORD: Complex WINE: Deep dry reds/dry whites BEER: Stouts FOODS: A super food friendly sake that works with everything including the kitchen sink