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Gakki Masamune Junmai "Junjo"

66%, bright, great with yakitori.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this extremely hard to get Junmai has a vivid collection of melon, Asian pear, grape, apricot, blueberry, and cantaloupe aromas. Are you ready to try a performance sake that is very “in-the-moment” in the sake world, with an ABV of 13%? This uber popular brew is made to tantalize "new world" sake drinkers with a touch of effervescence, a hint of fruit tones, a lick of acidity, and a watery-like feeling that is fresh and light. Oh and damn tasty too! Look for cantaloupe, apricot, persimmon, lime, and Asian pear flavors on a clean, light, and crisp flow, with a sneaky lemon zest tail. Take note of the very small bubbles that cling to the side of your wine glass, and enjoy this Fukushima-style liquid work of art chilled. You better get two bottles. WORD: Light WINE: Gentle Reds/Light Whites BEER: Light Ales FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, crab, lobster, oysters with lemon, caviar, smoked fish, cheese plates.