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Tengumai Yamahai Junmai "Dance of the Demon"

great with a margherita pizza.
Tengumai is another of the "to do" sakes on your list, as it is ultra-popular in Japan for good reason. This Junmai is constructed the traditional way using the Yamahai method and easing on the carbon filtration thus leaving a gamey and syrupy amber nectar that is best served room temperature. It has a full nutty and earthy nose that smells slightly astringent. What comes next is a flavor forward rush of butterscotch and walnuts nestled in a solid acidity that brings a warm and thick texture to all the recesses of the mouth. This Junmai shimmers and plays very round in the corners of your mouth, and leaves a lasting and splendid tail that is more thick than sizzle. WORD: Amber WINE: Thick Reds/Chewy Whites BEER: Ambers/Honey Stouts FOODS: simmered seasoned fish, salmon teriyaki, yakitori with sauce, ginger pork and chicken.