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Sake Archives November 2017 A

Hello Fellow Sake Drinkers!

Tis' the season for turkey and all the trimmings! Lucky are we, because sake goes better with Thanksgiving fare better than any beverage I can think of!

Let's revisit Beau's first attempt to convert all you silly wine/booze drinkers to the sake & turkey train:

Gobble This - Why Sake Should Be On Your Thanksgiving Menu
(November 2005)

Here is a fun read where our founder challenges your devotion as a true pilgrim of nihonshu:

Sake vs. Bird Challenge - 5 Years Later Is Sake On Your Turkey Table? (November 2011)

Lastly, here is my favorite Thanksgiving article of all time... Beau goes through each and every component of the elaborate feast we will all be enjoying soon and pairs each one with the appropriate brew:

Sake Traditions - How Sake Would Have Rocked The First Thanksgiving (November 2014)

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