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Sake Certainties – Death, Taxes, Sake

Sake Certainties April 2017 A

There are three inevitables in life: death, taxes, and sake! That’s right we said it! Sake is a glorious inevitable in this world that has once been described as nasty, brutish, and short. And let’s face it, sake is better than death and taxes period!

So in honor of this tax season, we want to give something back to you wonderful living tax payers. We want to give you a sake special, because you deserve a sake special.

Starting on April 18th we will be offering a classic “Buy one and get the second at half price!” That’s right! And what’s better than that? Oh maybe the fact that we selected a brew from one of the coolest and talked about breweries in Japan. Watanabe Sake Brewery in Niigata is makers of the very famous Nechi and Nechi Otokoyama brands. Why so famous? Well they are rice crazy! Seriously! These brewers grow all of their own rice and are industry known for doing studies of which rice paddies grow the best rice. They put the Teh-Wa in Terroir. Add to that this brew is a Nama sake, then we are “winning!”

Sake Certainties April 2017 B

  • Nechi Otokoyama “Yukimizake”
    From Niigata Prefecture. kubetsu Honjozo Nama. SMV: +4 Acidity: 1.8. The nose on this unpasteurized seasonal sake is an array of yeasty, floral, and sugary aromas. Say hello to a sake that could very well be a breakfast brew as there are layers of berry fruit tones and a wonderful vein of honey. Plump, viscous, and chewy the legs on this sake are long and so too is the time in the palate. There is a peek-a-boo 18% alcohol content, but the smoothness and the balance of the brew disguises the elevated alcohol percentage. Using their own Gohyakumangoku made in the famous Nechi Valley you will be wowed by the richness of the rice and will revel in the layers of fruit forward flavors. WORD: Honey WINE: Sweet reds/Fat whites BEER: Sweet Ales FOODS: Great for large flavors including international spice.

Screw the Taxman! Screw The System! Come get a deal and that won’t screw you!

Starting April 18th, Buy One Nechi Otokyama and get the second bottle at half price! Click here to purchase.

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