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The Beau-Zone Layer

Ichinokura Himezen “Princess Food”
From Miyagi Prefecture. Junmai. SMV: -65 Acidity: 5.0

In honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to feature a sake that we have had years of fun selling. This is no common brew. No siree! I mean if a sake’s name is Princess Food then something’s up right? Well check out those SMV and Acidity numbers! Totally off of the charts. On first glance you would think this sake is incredibly sweet, but it does not drink like a bowl of sugar. It is sweet and gooey and fun, but it has a light brightness to it that would appeal to those not looking for a boozy experience.

I call these new style sakes “New World” sakes as they go courting new world sake drinkers. Himezen has been a leader in the lower alcohol and fruitier sake market. It’s tested and proven, and definitely worth a try for those of you who like light and fruity drinking experiences. And remember! This sake is made with nothing but rice and water! Maybe that’s why it’s called princess food!

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