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Beau-Zone Layer - Kokuryu Kuzuryu “9 Headed Dragon”

Beau Zone April 2018 A

Kokuryu Kuzuryu “9 Headed Dragon”
From Fukui Prefecture. Junmai.
SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.3

Okay! Today’s sake lesson is about stealing sakes and breweries in the sake industry! It happens. It actually happens a lot and that sort of bums me out. For example a brewery will be represented by one exporter sending there sakes to let's say the US. Then another importing company will come in and say, “Hey we would like to export your sakes too!” And the brewery will say, “Fine, but just not the same sakes that we already export.” As a retailer this gets a little confusing for us, because one importer may service the brews far better than the other. Well in any case sometimes a new importer will export a sake that the other importer has “rights” to and things get messy! Without naming names this sake is one of those sakes that was taken on by a new importer, but the old importer said “ummm no!” I guess the bottom line is that whatever or however the sakes get to customers is good for the end users. And customers are King right? Please enjoy this super smooth Junmai that is loaded with semi-rich flavors such as nougat, cocoa, roasted rice, and a tingle of caramel. It drinks rich-light, which is pretty cool!

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