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Beau-Zone Layer – Tengumai “Dance of the Demon”

Beau Zone June 2018 A

Tengumai “Dance of the Demon”
From Ishikawa Prefecture. Yamahai Junmai.
SMV: +4 Acidity: 1.8

We’ve carried Tengumai since our doors opened well over a decade ago. Why? Because it is one of the great “example” sakes that allows a sake drinker to experience a good representation of a specific style of sake making. The Yamahai method or technique is one of those old styles of brewing that is still celebrated today. This is a good thing, because it shows that these types of sakes are appreciated and valued today by a large segment of sake drinkers. And arguably Ishikawa Prefecture makes some of the more famous Yamahai sakes. When I was introduced to the segment Tengumai was the first true Yamahai that I tasted. It was an eye opener for sure. Big, burly, skunky, and funky it was very different than the Ginjo and Daiginjo sakes that I was enjoying exploring at that time. Wow! What a mouth presence. Tengumai is a rolling monster of flavors and feelings. It is large, but not overwhelming, and it makes you appreciate elevated acidity levels. This sake has defined a generation of sake drinkers and it is a great introduction or re-introduction to the Yamahai category.

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