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New Store Arrivals – Unpasteurized Heaven Continues!

New Store Arrivals – Unpasteurized Heaven Continues! A

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Masumi Arabashiri 2018
From Nagano Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo Nama.
SMV: -1.1 Acidity: 1.7
Another great year for one of the most popular and longest standing exported nama sakes in the business. The nose on “free run” unpasteurized sake is a collection of tangerine, melon, blueberry, and grape aromas. There are some sakes that when you drink them it makes your mouth happy, and this nama is one of those. Semi-thick, frisky, brisk, and crisp this lively sake drinks as if you just pulled it from the fermenting tank. Loaded with tingly flavors of citrus, white grape, and young pear it is both fruity and floral. The Arabashiri’18 is more bright than years past, which makes it more expressive in the glass. It is a touch sweeter in a small cup, and the acidity flows better in a wine glass. Fresh and fun is one thing! Fresh, fun, and joyous is quite another. WORD: Joyous WINE: Beaujolais/Crisp whites BEER: Crisp ales FOODS: The kitchen sink, especially if your kitchen as international spice! $40/720ml

Denshin Haru "Spring" 2018
From Fukui Prefecture. Junmai Ginjo Nama.
SMV: N/A Acidity: N/A
Judging by the hidden flower sticker under the cap tape you will deduce that this is a seasonally released unpasteurized sake. The nose jumps with cherry, peach, red apple, and mint aromas. My notes read: “A great brew to go check out the cherry blossoms with.” And basically that means that this nama is light, bright, fun, and fresh. It is brisk and frisky, but yet controlled and very refreshing. It drinks lively and vivid, but with a gentle understanding of your palate. Look for subtle fruit tones that are bouncy as they slide through the mouth. A smaller cups makes for a more zesty play, mid-size for a more fleshy feel, and a wine glass for more overall balance. Haru’18 is a real winner! WORD: Fun WINE: Zesty reds/Crisp whites BEER: Crisp Ales FOODS:Great with clean sushi and sashimi, but also good with American sushi spice.
$24/720ml $48/1.8L

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