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Sake Archives April 2018 A

'Tis the season to hanami! This is my favorite time of year, with all of the fluffy pink blossoms and picnics galore. The nation of Japan and everyone else in proximity to these gorgeous trees take the time to enjoy spring and the beauty of the pink & white flowers. Amidst all of the fun, the festivities also hold a serious meaning. They remind admirers that life resembles the fleeting nature of the cherry blossom trees in bloom, which only last a few short days. These experiences help us to continue to appreciate each and every day.

Here is an exciting article from last year about a beautiful hanami event at a private residence we were lucky enough to take part in: Sake Events - True Sake "Live" Presents: Sakura Hanami! (April 2017)

Here is a wonderful lineup of sake suggestions for sakura viewing parties:

Top Ten List - Top 10 Sakes that Celebrate Hanami (April 2017)

On a more serious note, here is a flashback to the newsletter that was entirely devoted to addressing the devastating tsunami & nuclear disaster that occurred in March 2011 during sakura season in Japan:

Sake Archives April 2018 B
March 11th 2011 - The Day Japan Moved 8 Feet (April 2011)

Here are two poetry-driven articles inspired by the Spring season and in response to those trials in life:

Sake Prayer - Shinto Ways: (March 2012)

Sake Moments - The Season of Poetry (April 2017)

Let's all remember to enjoy the moment to the fullest! Until next time...
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