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Sake News – Flooding Damages The Dassai Brewery

Uggghhhhh! I loathe speaking about trouble at sake breweries, but recent flooding in Yamaguchi has really hit home for one of our favorite sake breweries. You know the Brand! Herewith is a quick article hitting home the fact that even the most popular and successful sake breweries in history are subject to mother nature and other uncontrollable events.

Click HERE for the NHK Report

Sake News – Flooding Damages The Dassai Brewery A

We've been told that shortages may occur so we will try our best to secure enough product to ensure that we have at least a minimal amount of this extremely popular sake selection. The killer is the fact that they lost a large portion of their stored rice, which cannot magically be replaced. It may take a full growing season and new rice contracts to get back to normal. That could be more than a year away! Frowny Face.

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