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“Ask Beau” – “The store looks different – why?”

“Ask Beau” – “The store looks different – why?”

Ask Beau A

Funny question! But I think it’s a simple answer – we have a crap load of sake in the store right now. Mei has done an amazing job of pulling us out of a dark period in the history of our inventory into a new day that has the largest offering of sake in the lifetime of the store. We are loaded. And I mean loaded. I feel bad that we cannot stock every sake of every brewery that we have a connection to, but we are pretty close. It’s an amazing time right now, because there is so much sake available. It’s overwhelming really. But we try to remain true to our mission of offering the best and most unique, affordable, and distinctive sake out there.


Also, we added a new very large shelf in the store. It’s damn cool in my mind. The shelf comes from the now defunct Gump’s Store from their downtown store, which just closed. It’s quite a piece of history and now it is holding our history on its shelves. The net result is that we finally realized that we could pull the nigori section out of the fridge, thus freeing up new space to put an entirely new collection of sake in the cold. It is also the home to new groups of sake, like the Tonoike Brewery brands called Bo (not Beau) and Sanran, plus any new offerings such as the Heaven brews. You should check it out!


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