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The “Beau-Zone” Layer – Choryo “Omachi 2013”

The “Beau-Zone” Layer – Choryo “Omachi 2013”

From Nara Prefecture.
Aged Tokubetsu Junmai
SMV: +2.5 Acidity: 1.4

After selling sake for almost 23 years I have had a first hand glimpse on the “value” of sake. First of all, sake is not cheap but historically we have worked very hard to keep our prices down and I think most of the market would agree. That said, “value” in sake moves around for certain reasons. Sometimes an importer will order too much and give us a very good deal, or we buy out a sake that importers plan to discontinue and we cut the price. Other times brewers switch importers and they slash the prices remarkably low to gain market acceptance. All tangible reasons for why some excellent sake sell at tremendous price points. However, there is one brew that is priced absolutely so low, I just can’t figure it out. And I’m talking about how they make it, store it, and release it as opposed to pricing it in regards to raw materials and labor etc.

Selling for $21 (720ml), this sake is pound for pound the best “value” at True Sake for what it is and how it is made. It is made with premium Omachi sake rice milled to 68% and cold aged since 2013. What? Yes, technically it is a “Koshu” meeting all the definitions of an aged sake, but it drinks very gentle and light that you’d swear it is a freshly released brew. Oh and if you love umami, this “value” is right up your alley! I had the opportunity to finally see the brewery and have an elegant dinner with the team, but fell ill with a 24-hour bug. My traveling sake pal Michael Tremblay did get to see the brewery and got to taste an incredible line-up, but I forgot to tell him to ask the peeps at Choryo. Go check out my review for this sake. If you like value in sake, then this outstanding sake is for you! I officially proclaim this the best “value” (for what it is) at True Sake.

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