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SAKE DAY – Tickets Are Now On Sale

SAKE DAY – Tickets Are Now On Sale

Don’t be “That Guy.”

You know the guy who calls our store and says, “I tried to buy tickets, but it said it was sold out. Can I still get tickets?” The answer then was no, and it will always be no!

SAKE DAY always sells out! It’s that simple. It’s an amazing event and most of you know that. This year we promise it will be even better. Is that even possible?

The amount of brewery owners attending from Japan will be the most ever, and there will be a very large contingency of breweries that don’t export to the US yet, and are looking at SAKE DAY to get an idea of what the market looks like.

We also want you to get more involved with the SAKE DAY “Experience,” which includes and @sakedaysf on Instagram. Check out both of these efforts and get involved by sending us pictures that you want to share with our SAKE DAY family. You can send pictures and stories to and we will push the best ones to all of our channels, so we can better share the SAKE DAY “Experience.” Remember to also give us your IG handle!

Last year all of the ticket proceeds netted $50,000 and went directly to the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California who once again will be the beneficiaries and Partners of SAKE DAY 2024 – the 19th Anniversary of one of the longest standing and largest “Nihonshu no Hi” Day of Sake celebration in the world. 

Do not hesitate! For he who hesitates is lost. Don’t be that guy. 

As of writing the newsletter, we have sold 637 tickets.
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