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Kiuchi Kikusakari "Zen Koji"

sweet, rich, unique.
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Size: 375ml
The nose on this specially crafted sake is a massive collection of honey, sweet nuts, mint, soy sauce, grapefruit, marmalade, cured meats, raisin, and sweet rice aromas. Talk about luscious liquid complexity that drinks oh so sweet and oh so good. Made with just koji rice, this brew was built to tease sweet and complex flavors that speak to sake professionals and amateurs alike. This is another expression of sake that is totally rich, smooth, round, chewy, expressive, viscous, and eye opening with dexterity and complexity galore. Look for lots of honey, maple syrup, candied nuts, raisin, fig, burnt vanilla, sweet potato, and Port-like flavors that drink very much like a Sherry or a Port, which means good with desserts and cigars. This is a specialty sake at a very special price point. Serve chilled out of a Port glass. WORD: Drinkable Complexity WINE: Ports/Ice Wine BEER: Sweet Ales FOODS: Dessert fare, cheese plates, meat plates, fruit plates, pate, foie gras, and fancy fare.