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Kikusui Funaguchi Smart Pouch "Gold"

viscous, impact, iconic.
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Size: 1500ml
The nose on this iconic nama from Niigata is a mix of banana bread and honey. This is fat, chewy, viscous and packs an uppercut that feels good on the train ride home from work. There is a lot of impact from the 18% alc content, and the flavor is rich and sweet, with honey and yeasty tones. This goes well with lots of spicy foods because it is such a blanket of flavor and feeling. It’s pretty huge! Say farewell to the "monster can" and hello to the "smart pouch!" WORD: Big WINE: Huge Reds and Sweet Whites BEER: High ABV Ales FOODS: All spice dishes from anywhere in the world, salty fare, pub snacks.