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Banshu Ikkon Junmai Ginjo "Super Dry"

bright, grapefruit, dry.
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Size: 720ml

From the importer Skurnik:

Made in the mountains of Hyogo in the center of sake rice country, Banshu Ikkon is an austere but elegant sake. Notes of ruby grapefruit mixed with pie crust evolve into a beautifully lean finish. A gorgeous pairing for grilled whitefish or a chicory salad.

Made from locally grown Grade A Yamada Nishiki rice from Yokowa milled to 55%, note aromas of sweet-mint and underripe plantain. A brightly textured sake with a light touch, lean structure moving into notes of ruby red grapefruit and tingly dry finish. Pairs well with tuna steaks, roasted chicken, or soy braised root vegetables.

Brewmaster Yuichi Tsubosaka makes chokara (“extremely dry”) style sake unlike anyone else. While typically lean and austere, his Chokara Junmai Ginjo starts luscious and fruity, with a generous flavors of tropical fruit. It resolves to a beautifully spicy finish reminiscent of white pepper. While an excellent match for richer foods, it is delicate and compelling enough to enjoy on its own.