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Masumi Sparkling "Grand Prix"

crisp, rich, dry.
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Size: 750ml
The nose on this professionally made sparkling sake is a classic collection of pear, honey, grape, raspberry, sour dough, and sweet rice aromas. Are you drinking Champagne? No, and that’s the point! This is very well made sparkling rice and water trying to be sparkling sake and not sparkling wine. But they work the same way with lots and lots of bubbles. This Grand Prix is almost foamy with natural fermented bubbles that love a Champagne flute. Hard to open but worth the wait for this crisp, rich, dry, creamy, bright, zesty, elegant, and refreshing sake. Look for grapefruit, crisp apple, honey, almond, Lemon Heads, sourdough, and steamed rice flavors on a tannin-like dry crisp flow that bubbles in the palate. The great thing is the abundance of umami that fills each sip, and is far more real than those who claim it’s in sparkling wine. WORD: Bubbly WINE: Sparkling wines BEER: Citrus Ales FOODS: Champagne fare.