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Ippongi Hannyatou Spicy Umeshu "Hot Devil"

sweet, sour, spicy.
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Size: 720ml

Is it scary? You bet! Is it unusual? For sure. What the heck is it? Behold an Umeshu, or plum sake. This is a sake that is made like regular Junmai sake. But at the end of the brewing cycle, they add ume or plum essences to it. Most Umeshu is made with a spirit called shochu, but this brew is made with sake and that’s why we like it. But wait! There’s more! Not only is this an Umeshu, but it is also spicy! This "Hot Devil" is a wonderful blend of sweet and sour AND spicy! A totally unique and refreshing drinking experience. Great served chilled by itself. Great with an ice cube. And as the brewery owner of Ippongi Kubo Honten said to me, “It’s awesome in a small glass of milk with an ice cube.” No way! Way! I’ve tried it and liked it! This is a great Umeshu to play around with, so enjoy your "Hot Devil." WORD: Spicy Sweet WINE: Spicy Red Wines? BEER: Spicy Beers? Habanero Sculpin? FOODS: Comfort foods.