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Koshi no Kanbai Amane Junmai Ginjo "Easy Rider"

Junmai Ginjo
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Size: 720ml

We have a personal store policy at True Sake that basically states we always want to have a Koshi no Kanbai product on our shelves. Why, because they are legendary and everybody should try this brewery’s sake at some point. The nose on this brew is a slick collection of nougat, vanilla, white bread, bamboo, fresh mochi, and sweet nut aromas. Say hello to the “Easy Rider,” which we jokingly call the easy slider as it is smooth, silky, gentle, water-like, clean, slender, slippery, and easy. First and foremost you will notice a nice umami slide that is made all the more slippery with the low 14% ABV level that drinks almost creamy. Look for macadamia nuts, wheat crackers, corn flakes, nougat, oatmeal, spring water, unripe bananas, and minerals on a silky flow that opens in a wine glass. Isn’t it time you try KNK? WORD: Smooth WINE: Pinot Noir/Creamy Whites BEER: Creamy Ales FOODS: Yakitori, shabu shabu, grilled fish, pasta, tofu dishes, and sole in butter sauce.