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Nanbu Bijin Muto Junmai Umeshu

jammy apricot, gentle, sophisticated.
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Size: 720ml
The nose on this very clean and elegant sake with added plum extract is a gentle collection of honey, sweet bread, plum, pomegranate, raisin, apple pie, leather, and white flower aromas. What you know about umeshu is the opposite of this unique and light plum sake. Made with Wakayama plums and using no sugar (Wow!), this brew looks to celebrate gentle Ume flavors and feelings without slapping you in the face with a sweet and cloying plum punch. Smooth, light, semi-chewy, and layered this Umeshu is as sophisticated as you can get, but super drinkable with amazing flavors such as jammy apricot and nectarine, apple pie, pear tart, peach, honey, and of course plum tones. At 9% this brew is light and gentle, and could very well be the first time that you taste “ume umami” flavors. If you are looking for a less sweet and more complex Umeshu then this Iwate-made brew is for you. WORD: Sophisticated WINE: Light Reds/Jammy whites BEER: Light ales FOODS: Complex cuisines, smoked meats and fish, specific pairings.