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Shichi Hon Yari Junmai "The Seven Spearsmen"

ricey, oatmeal, classic.
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Size: 300ml

The nose on this classic Junmai sake is a vibrant collection of earth, nuts, butter, wheat, crushed leaves, and steamed rice aromas. In a word, this is a perfectly centered Junmai sake that has all of the traditional full-bodied, rich, smooth, solid, and ricey characteristics of days gone by. This is old-school sake with great flavors such as oatmeal, cocoa, rice, nutty, earthy, savory tones, and loads of umami. If you are learning sake, this is a prototypical handhold Junmai brew on your sake-climbing wall. It’s confident, solid, smooth and layered. And best of all it drinks like rice, unlike many new school Junmai sakes today. Great at the three big temperatures, and when warmed look for rich rice and cocoa flavors. WORD: Classic Junmai WINE: Deep Reds/Bold Whites BEER: Stouts FOODS: Classic sake izakaya fare, fried, grilled, greasy, gamey, and robust cuisines.