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Shuho Junmai Daiginjo Genshu "Yamadanishiki 47"

complex, flavorful, pear.
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Size: 720ml
The nose on this undiluted 17% ABV Daiginjo is a cool collection of simple syrup, pear, melon, papaya, candied mango, cotton candy, and sweet corn aromas. Smooth, round, chewy, velvety, and medium-bodied, this sake is a complex "flavor movement” brew that changes looks within each sip, and is balanced very well with some crispness and a touch of shibumi. Look for the flavor movement to start with pear, persimmon, apple, rock sugar, mint, and shiso hints followed by tangerine, nectarine, and orange flavors that roll from semi-sweet to savory. A really cool sake that is delicious and fun to dissect. WORD: Flavorful WINE: Big Reds/Fat Whites BEER: Beefy Belgians FOODS: American sushi, sashimi, lobster, crab, oysters, shrimp, caviar, grilled white fish, chicken on a stick, and cheese boards.