Product Image Tatsuriki Kimoto Tokubetsu Junmai

Tatsuriki Kimoto Tokubetsu JunmaiJH153

The nose on this traditionally pole-rammed sake is a nice collection of nuts, nougat, cream, and steamed rice. What is a pole-rammed sake? It’s a brew that requires a ton of extra work – smashing the steamed rice into a paste – to promote naturally occurring lactic acid to help with fermentation. Some breweries “cheat” and use an automatic power drill, but traditional Kimoto sake is made with a long pole with a paddle attached to the end to mash the steamed rice in a small barrel. It’s a cool process and a labor of love. The result is a sake that has a certain more depth to it. This sake is rich, layered and has a great creamy nuttiness to it. Look for a velvet flow that hides nougat, sweet nuts, and a hint of caramel flavors. There is a peek-a-boo bitter chocolate note that appeals to deep red wine drinkers and this sake does great chilled and at room temperature, and even better warmed! WORD: Creamy WINE: Pinot Noir/French Chardonnay BEER: Creamy Belgian Ales FOODS: BBQ and Grill fare, salty and savory fare.
Prefecture: Hyogo
SMV: +1
Acidity: 1.7

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