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Tengu no Doburoku "Mountain Warrior"

honey, peach, vanilla ice cream.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this traditionally made “farmer's sake” is a vast collection of raisin, sweet bread, marshmallow, ocean salt, and rice pudding aromas. Unlike cloudy sake, Doburoku is not pressed or filtered, which is why it’s called “bath tub” or “farmer’s sake" as anybody can make it crudely at home. But Koyama Honke Shuzo has made Doburoku an art form that drinks rich, savory, and semi-sweet, with lots of umami and body. Creamy, soft, round, fluffy, and chewy it drinks like a meal in the glass with lots of ancient Shinto goodness. Look for crème brulée, flan, rum raisin, rice pudding, honey, sugar apples, candy grapes, and a hint of rich coconut, on a flow that is viscous but not heavy. This is high end Doburoku at it’s best. WORD: Creamy WINE: Nope BEER: Creamy Ales FOODS: International spice, street tacos, pizza, BBQ, buffalo wings, beef satay, and grilled shrimp.