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Tsukasabotan Shibori Junmai Yuzushu "Mountain Yuzu"

semi-dry, gentle, elegant.
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Size: 720ml

The nose on this gentle Yuzushu is a splendid collection of lemon peel, honey, fresh lemonade, elderflower, and sugar aromas. Talk about a gentle and elegant Yuzushu. This brew from Kochi Prefecture – known for their dry coiffable sake – is exactly that in Yuzushu format. Light, semi-dry, clean, and very well balanced, this low alcohol brew (8% ABV) is refreshing, softer, and more quiet than the usual loud in-your face Yuzushu. Look for citrus, shiso, honey, tangerine, and herbaceous flavors that taste like summer in a bottle. The strength of this Yuzushu is in the gentle nature of the fluid as it passes through the palate. It has refreshing citrus qualities, but it’s not a citrus bomb. Lovely Yuzushu that is packaged well and drinks like it looks: classy and cool. WORD: Gentle FOODS: Citrus based dishes, poolside fare, and fruit plates.