Product Image Yuho Kimoto Junmai "Rhythm of the Centuries"

Yuho Kimoto Junmai JH70 "Rhythm of the Centuries"

Four Hot Words: Big, Rich, Smooth, & Grilled
The nose on this traditionally made brew is a unique collection of nutty, earthy, leather, roasted rice, and sour lemon tones. This is a very tasty and complex Kimoto that drinks smooth and round for all of the action within. Rich, full bodied, juicy, plump and a little musky look for velvety layers of nutty, earthy, and steamed rice flavors. It's not too big like many Ishikawa brews, and that makes the drinking experience all the more smooth and expressive - more drinkable. WORD: Rich WINE: Huge reds/ Fat whites BEER: stouts FOODS: complex fare, all things from grill, veggies.
Prefecture: Ishikawa
SMV: +3
Acidity: 2.2

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