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Sake List – TOP TEN Summer Sakes!

Summer Sun

It’s 58 degrees outside but I am about to write something stupid! Hey folks the summer heat is here and we have an amazing assortment of sakes that do very well in the long toasty days of summer.

Granted in SF it’s freezing because of our wonderful marina layer that shrouds us with a chilling coating fog, but you are probably pretty hot in your area. These sakes do the remarkable, they cool you down and buzz you up. What is cooler than that? Herewith our ten sakes that can handle the beach, can handle the hot evening BBQ, and can even handle the hot tub! 

10) Miyasaka Yawaraka “Sake Matinee”

  • This super drinkable Junmai is lower in alcohol at 12% but extremely flavorful for being so light and feathery! 

09) Ohyma Tomizu “Special Water”

  • Summer is all about fun and this incredibly juicy Junmai is all slipper flavor from start to finish – light and bright. It drinks like an exciting summer night!


Summer Is Here

08) Ura Gasanryu “Koka”

  • Oh boy does this superb honjozo drink silky and soft on a hot summer day! It’s almost like drinking flavored water, and how cool is that?

07) Yukikage “Snow Shadow”

  • Who couldn’t use a little snow shadow on a hot day at the beach? This brew drinks ricey and not sweet and the neutrality is very enticing when you need a cool sake! 

06) Born “Gold”

  • Holy Smokes! How about a glass of gold on a baking summer day? This Daiginjo is extremely flavorful, but alas it’s also extremely easy and that’s why it is perfect for a sipping brew under the sun – perhaps a sun tanner’s special!

05) Kirinzan “Brown Bottle”

  • Okay okay, so what about that super chill sake that warms up in the sun while you tan or BBQ away? This Junmai Ginjo is so gentle and smooth that it actually does well at room temp and sun warmed. Super flavor meets super feeling.

04) Koshi no Tousetsuka “Snow Flower”

  • It’s true! Some sakes drink like water and this snow flower is one of those beauties. Clean, cool and pristine would be perfect on the deck under the baking sun, don’t you think? 

Esshu Sakura Biyori


03) Tedorigawa Kinka “Gold Blossom”

  • Summer is excitement and this nama is excitement in the glass with big flavors on a bright fruity rush. Cold and creative it will beat the heat for certain.

02) Akitabare Suirakuten “Heaven of Tipsy Delight”

  • This is one of the silkiest, light and like water sakes in the store and it is perfect for that hot evening when you need a real cooler in your glass!

01) Esshu Sakura Biyori “Cherry Blossom Season”

  • Tadah! And Voila! This Ginjo is summer in liquid form. Aromatic and extremey refined it drinks like an easy summer evening. Lots of flavors on a gentle fruity flow makes this blossom a summer season favorite!
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