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True Sake Live Presents the 9th Annual Sake Day 2014

Tickets are now on sale for the 9th Annual Sake Day at!

Sake Day 2014

Nihonshu no Hi is the day of sake in Japan and it’s always on October 1st, but that day is a Wednesday and we need a serious Saturday -- September 27th -- to do all of the sake celebrating that we have awaiting you! Sake Day is like Octoberfest with a brain. We not only consume sake but we learn so much while doing it. We consider Sake Day to be the day of sake exploration because not only do you get to taste over 100 sakes – many not available in the US – but you get to challenge your sake senses with several sake challenge stations that educate you while we libate you! (My word!).

This year we are proud to present to you the cuisine of the Bay Area’s super chef Michael Black of Sebo Sushi, who will actually be challenging our sakes with a more western-flared line up. Yes people! Sake does go with western cuisine and we look forward to proving it.

And for the first time in our large sake tasting format history you may purchase the sakes that you like. That’s right. Taste It. Like It. Buy It! We will be rolling out our entirely new shipping system that will have you soaking in the sakes that you select.

We have added an extra hour so the event runs from 4-8pm and that should give you enough time to taste a ton of sakes, chow a ton of food, buy amazing sakes and sake collectables at the auction, all for the benefit of the JCCCNC.

Per usual this event always sells out. So buy early and buy a lot of tickets, because once they are gone they are gone! And you will be left alone to cry into your beer or wine or whatever!

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