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“Beau-Zone” Layer – Gunma Izumi “Famous Fountain”

“Beau-Zone” Layer – Gunma Izumi “Famous Fountain”
From Gunma Prefecture. Honjozo. SMV:+3 Acidity:1.5

Beau Zone December 2014

Every once in a while you taste or re-taste a sake that makes you say “Wow”! This is one of those brews. It simply drinks great and there is no other way to describe it. Great! There I said it again. But why? Well it is the perfect combination of feeling and flavor with incredible balance. Some brews have balance but are not the best tasting, and some drink well but they don’t have feeling impact. This Honjozo is a “bull’s-eye” on the sake dart board.

I often write about a brew being “drinkable.” You’d hope all sakes are drinkable, but this is one of the select few that is truly coifable! Look for hints of honey, nuts and buttery elements that are smoky, slick and savory. As the sake warms there are nice caramel tones, which means this guy is great for warming. Come on now honey roasted nuts and buttery too? Call the sake cops, because you are stealing this brew for sure.

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