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“Beau-Zone” Layer – Takenotsuyu “Special Water”

“Beau-Zone” Layer – Takenotsuyu “Special Water”
From Yamaguchi Prefecture. Sake Water

Typically sake is 80% water. But not in this case! Behold an amazing “teachable moment” in your sake educational process. This month’s “brew” is actually the essence of good sake – water! Either you have it or you don’t! It's what separates great breweries from the good. Takenotsuyu brewery has been blessed with super delicious water that is void of iron, and as such is fantastic for making sake and for just drinking! Ask the local townsfolk who can use a tap outside of the brewery to fill up their mugs and jugs!

For learning purposes it’s important to taste a brewery’s water as you taste their sake. It is a seminal tasting point as you can then learn where and how the water fits into the overall flavor and feeling of that sake. I dare you to buy a bottle of their Junmai Daiginjo with this water and do your own sake exploration. Water – it’s not just for breakfast anymore!

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