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Sake Bar – True Sake Is Opening Its First Sake Bar!

Well the subtle teasing continues. After almost 13 years of talking you into bottles of sake, aren’t you ready to taste your way around the sake universe with friends who you trust? We have dedicated ourselves to making sake exploration fun and fascinating, and in the near future we will take this relationship to the next frontier.

This summer True Sake and you will once again make a significant mark on the advancement and betterment of sake by opening a first of its kind sake centric bar that will move the sake market industry forward into a brand new day for the wonderful libation known as nihonshu. We have taken our incredible knowledgebase of selling sake to amazing people such as yourself and applied it to a bar format that will please, tease, intrigue and woo you and your love for sake.

True Cup


Trust me when I say that this bar is for you. You have been asking for over a decade, and the time is now officially right! IT’S ON! And we are so excited to share the final product with you. I’d love to give you some hints, but it’s best to be surprised because this is such a unique and fun concept. And this sake centric bar is only the first phase of an expansion plan that just may see more True Sakes around the country and globe in various formats and permutations. (The bar is called True Cup) We flat out know sake, and it’s time to let our love and incredible understanding of this brew get out in the market in a way that helps consumers think of sake in a new light!

So let us thank you for making us better. And thank you for being amazing customers and friends. You have truly been a partner in this process and we value each and every one of you. Our new expansion plans rest on your very supportive shoulders, as you have taken us to where we are today. Your support has been our lifeblood and your continued support represents the engine that will help us get the real sake message out to the masses.

In this regard, and as a small measure of this partnership we would like to have several of you who have the wherewithal to become financial supporters to keep this endeavor a friends and family initiative. If you have a desire to be a part of this new growth opportunity and you are a lifestyle investor please send an email to and come along for a wonderful ride that has been years in the making.

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