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Sake Events – True Sake Live

True Sake Live April 2015a

We love doing events, and our dance card has been pretty full this Spring. True Sake Live handles everything from corporate tastings to private affairs, and we like to believe we put on a pretty good show...sake edutainment along with a great libation.

True Sake Live April 2015b

Coming up, we are sponsoring the sake bar at the "Once Upon a Time in Tokyo" party at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco on April 17th. It's going to be a great evening filled with traditional Japanese events like sumo wrestling, Japanese art, and of course amazing sake provided by True Sake. The event is sold out, but if you already have tickets make sure to look for us!

True Sake Live April 2015c

We are also sponsoring Comics 4 Comix on May 7th, a benefit for the Cartoon Art Museum. The event features live comics, anime and traditional comic books, and we'll be providing our special Kitaro and Oyaji one cup sakes, with their awesome anime-inspired labels. All proceeds benefit the Cartoon Art Museum.

If you are planning a party or corporate event, please contact True Sake Live or call us at the store at 415-355-9555, to learn more about how sake add to the festivities.

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