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Sake On Wheels – Same Day Delivery in SF Is Now $9.50

Sake on Wheels 

Are you kidding me? For the same price as your latte and croissant you can have as much sake as you want delivered to your doorstep in San Francisco for $9.50! What does that mean to you? No more driving to the entirely over congested Hayes Valley. No more looking for parking! (Remember if you do want to visit us, always double-park and lift your trunk up and we will watch the car!) And no more DPT carts from HELL!

Also, think about Valentine’s Day! Why not have us deliver some fantastic sake right to your Valentine’s office! Talk about looking like a superstar. Or better yet why not just take care of yourself and try some different assorted packs of sake that we can coordinate for you! Do an at-home sake tasting! Sake 101. History of sake in a three bottle tasting. Daiginjo tasting. We can do it all, and all you have to do is drop the latte and croissant!

Let True Sake Mobile come to you! Order on-line or call us (415) 355-9555!

Don't live in San Francisco? We still ship throughout California and other select states!

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