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Save The Date – Sake Day’s 10th Anniversary

Sake Day 2015

Do you have a pen? Do you rent one with an option to buy? Can you borrow one?

Now take this pen owned, borrowed, stolen or otherwise and circle OCTOBER 3rd on your trusty calendar. Got it? I’ll wait until you are done. Finished? Good! Why? Because it’s the 10th Anniverary of the Bay Area’s very own Sake Day! Ten years of a tremendous party that you helped make famous! So famous that many people have tried to copy this event in many ways shapes and forms. (You listening “International Sake Day”?)

Yes Siree! We were the first and we are the biggest and, of course, true to form we are the bestest! Sake Day or Nihinshu no Hi has been a San Francisco tradition for a decade and this year in celebration we are making sake history by taking this stellar event to a larger and far more dramatic location. On October 3rd please join us at the Armory in San Francisco to honor sake to its fullest. Did I say the Armory? You bet! Do you know about the Armory? Well other then being a stupendous event space it also has a special charm to it that will make the evening all the more thrilling!

Sake Day 2015

Tickets will go on sale soon! And this year we totally want to reward groups of sake enthusiasts with special pricing packages, so get your business to get in on the sake act. It is truly an event not to miss and this year will be filled with tons of outstanding sake surprises that will fascinate and titillate our amazing guests!

Sake Day 2015 – The TENTH ANNIVERSARY!

Circle that date amigo!

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