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Top 10 List – Ten Sakes Selected By The First Daughter of Sake

Riley Top 10 June 2015a

There are so many folks out there today in sake land claiming to hold the most titles, certified in this, ordained in that, an expert in this, officially accomplished in that and it’s getting a bit much! So you do a course for 5 days and you become a “professional”? You read a few chapters and all of sudden you become official sake royalty? Hmmmmmm! I’m not buying it! Sake is a process; it’s not an all of sudden event. Sake is a journey; it’s not a taxi ride. Sake is a mountain to climb; it’s not an elevator ride. Be wary of sake experts and that includes me! Be wary of us!

But if you must heed the call of a sake authority, wouldn't it be wise to trust the recommendations of a kid who has grown up in the first dedicated sake store outside of Japan. Wouldn’t it be smart to listen to the sake selections of a kid who was put through school by the proceeds of selling sake? And wouldn’t it be wise to try the sakes chosen by a kid who has probably broken every child labor and alcohol distribution law in California? I for one think so! Herewith is a Top 10 Sake List selected by Riley Timken, who has a very unique set of sake optics and is a true “Authority” on all things sake!

Top Ten June 2015b
  • 9) Kirinzan “Kirin Mountain” Junmai Daiginjo
    “I love the bottle shape and color. For me it was easy to restock out on the shelves because I could find the bottle so easily. It has a very clean label and is not as cluttered as other sake labels. It’s classy.”
  • 8) Cowboy Yamahai Junmai Ginjo Genshu
    “I like this sake because it is bought so often for gifts! I also like it, because it was one of my favorite Beau-Zone stories in which you admitted to giving this sake its name!”
Top Ten June 2015b
  • 7) Kikusui “Chrysanthemum Water” Junmai Ginjo
    “I’ve always liked this sake, because True Sake has been carrying it for so long. I really like the color scheme of the label and the bottle is great. I’ve gift wrapped this sake so many times over the years
  • 6) Akishika “Bambi Cup” Junmai
    “Come on! Who doesn’t like the name of this cup? Hello Disney! I also really like the orange color and the leaves on this cup. It’s beautiful.”
  • 5) Uraksaumi “Misty Bay” Honjozo Genshu
    “The gold foil packaging always stands out! I love this sake, because it doesn’t need wrapping. And to think about I have never seen the actual bottle and label. But it is fun to sell as a gift!”
Top Ten June 2015c
  • 1) Ichinukura "Chiming Bells" Sparkling Sake
    “I have tried this sparkling sake at holiday parties and I like it a lot! It’s so much fun and there is a hint of soda-like qualities to it. Very tasty!”
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