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Top Ten List – Mei’s Top 10 Spooky Halloween Sakes

Top 10 September 2015a

  • 2) Kanbara Junmai Ginjo
    This bottle is also know as the Bride of the Fox. I get goosebumps just thinking how a fox could propose to a bottle of sake.....but if you've ever had this sake before, I would marry it too and rename it 'Husband of Mei'. It's THAT good!
Top Ten October 2015b
  • 3) Murai Family Nigori Genshu
    Oh Murai Nigori, why are you such a creeper? This sake is so rich and creamy, with just enough sweetness that will leave you wanting for more after each glass but watch out!....this guy's alcohol percentage is 18%-19% and will knock-you-out!
  • 4) Denshin First Class Junmai Daiginjo
    This fantastic and VERY limited sake from the famous Denshin line only has 4 bottles left. We started with only 12 but now they will soon vanish and we don't know when we'll ever see this wonderful sake again! Catch it before it disappears
  • 5) Kariho Namahage
    Have you had this sake before? To all my dry drinkers out there. I DARE you to drink this bottle. This is the driest sake I've tasted and couldn't put down!
  • 6) Kikuhime B.Y. Daiginjo
    The spookiest thing about this bottle is you don't need to finish it in one night. To me, this sake taste even better 1, 2, no, 3 weeks later!
  • 7) Kibo Can
    All joking aside, this brewery was wiped out in the Tsunami that hit Japan several years ago and sadly took some of their workers with it. Come support this brewery by buying their sake!
Top Ten October 2015c
  • 8) Oyaji Cup
    I've never watched the famous cartoon that's related to this cup's label but I've always wondered doesn't it hurt to have your eyeball bathing in sake?! Ouch! Just look at it! Its too painful to keep watching it bathe in the sake! Everyone needs to help him out by drinking the contents of this cup!
  • 9) Ichinokura Suzune Wabi Sparkling
    This bottle has been literally flying off the shelves! This sake was introduced to the US market by True Sake only 3 week's ago and we've sold more than a case each week! It doesn't help that this sparkling won the gold medal in this year's IWC. Get it while you can!
  • 10) Gokyo Tanuki Junmai
    Who can say no to this cute cuddly raccoon dog? But did you know in Japanese folklore that the Tanuki is very mischievous, a trickster, master shapeshifter and is technically considered a ghost? If you ever encounter a real Tanuki, I would very fast and far away....But no worries, this bottle of Tanuki is safe. We have people who can attest to that. (me)
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