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Top Ten List – Ten Sakes That Make For a Great Acid Trip!

Top Ten Acid Trip Sakes March 2015a

So you want to learn a little bit more about sake and what makes it tick? One of the big components of sake is acidity, which plays a huge role in the brewing process and in the glass for the drinking process. Typically sake levels register between 1.0 and 1.9 with the average sake acidity of 1.4. Typically a lower acidity level produces a lighter and cleaner sake, and a brew with a higher acidity creates a more full bodied and active sake with much more mouth feel and flavor. The following list of sakes focuses on how acidity makes sakes drink differently. Can you tell?

1) Sawanoi Kioke Jikomi Iroha "Fountain of Tokyo"

  • This very unique sake was actually fermented in wood and has an impressive acidity of 2.2
Top TenAcid Trip Sakes March 2015b

2) Esshu Sakura Biyori "Cherry Blossom Season"

  • This very light and clean sake from the makers of Kubota produced this gentle yet flavorful sake with an acidity of 1.0

3) Otokoyama Fukkoshu "Man's Mountain"

  • This extremely unique and connoisseur sake is profoundly sweet and very food friendly with an acidity of 3.4

4) Hanahato Kijoushu "Gorgeous Bird"

  • This “dessert” sake is aged and richly sweet like a port or a sherry with an acidity of 3.5

5) Yuki no Bosha Junmai Ginjo "Cabin in the Snow"

  • This extremely popular sake is a wine drinker’s favorite because it has a nice fruit pop that is offset with an acidity of 1.9
Top Ten Acid Trip Sakes March 2015c

6) Yuho Kimoto Junmai "Rhythm of the Centuries"

  • This traditionally made sake has loads of flavors that bounce around a very plump acidity of 2.2


7) Mizunoshirabe Ginjo "Sound of Water"

  • This is another low acidity sake that drinks very soft and water like with an acidity of 1.2

8) Harushika Tokimeki Sparkling Sake "Palpitation of Sake"

  • This sparkling sake is an SMV of -80 which means it should be pretty sweet but it doesn’t taste that sweet because of an acidity of 5.5
Top Ten Acid Trip Sakes March 2015d

9) Murai Family Nigori Genshu "Peach River"

  • For those who like the Nigori category, some cloudy sakes have an elevated acidity like this full-bodied brew with an acidity of 2.0

10) Ichinokura Himezen "Princess Food"

  • This is a low alcohol light and fruity brew that some would call sweet but drinks express and very bright with an acidity of 5.0
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