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Top Ten List – Top Ten Genshu Sakes For The Drought!

Drought Drought Drought!!! This Top 10 List is our best efforts to conserve water at True Sake and in California as a whole. Here are 10 sakes that have no added water – undiluted or “Genshu” sake. Typically after fermentation the brewers will add water to dilute the sake back down to 15%-16%, which is the typical average alcohol content for sake. Genshu sakes have a slightly higher alcohol content anywhere between 17%-19%. So think of it this way, you are getting a better buzz AND saving water at the same time! Woot!

  • 1) Urakasumi Honjozo Genshu “Misty Bay”
    This Genshu comes wrapped in awesome gold foil and it tastes very golden! Deep, rich, bold, and full-bodied this sake is just shy of being a monster! It is powerful and pleasurable and super drinkable! It warms well too!
Top Ten May 2015a
  • 2) Tenzan Junmai Genshu “Mt. Tenzan”
    Talk about another extremely well wrapped sake! This genshu is awesome on so many levels other than the awesome packaging! (Hint – do not try to unwrap the entire leaf – simply cut the top and open the cap and pour!) This brew is robust and fruity without drinking too sweet! It is one of those sakes that walks the walk – flavorful and very fun and with some great impact! (Oddly this fruit-forward sake warms very well too!)
  • 3) Umenishiki Junmai Ginjo Genshu “Sakehitosuji” “Georgous Plum”
    Are you ready to take a walk on a different side of sake? This genshu “undiluted” sake that pairs so well with cooked fish is a trip to the fruit basket! There are layers and layers of bright, semi-sweet fruit tones that speak to white wine drinkers who like a little friskiness in their glass! A very delicious sake that has great legs and strong glass presence and is a little different then other genshu sakes.
  • 4) Wakatake Tokubetsu Junmai Genshu “Demon Slayer”
    Hello Demon Slayer! You’ve probably had the famous Wakatake Junmai Daiginjo, but have you ever tried the powerful and full-bodied brother brew! This genshu is a really fun thick and round sake that drinks dry and large. Take this baby to any BarBQ and look like a super star as it pairs so well with greasy, salty, and savory fare! Or just fill your glass and enjoy a sake that is famous for making bad things go away!
  • 5) Kikuhime Daiginjo Genshu BY “Chrysanthemum Princess”
    Some sakes are perfect! This is one of them. This Genshu is legendary in the world of sake connoisseurs! It simply is hands down a liquid work of art as it is extremely complex but absurdly drinkable. “BY” is a trip down the “as good as it gets” sake road and should be tried at some point by those learning sake and those who want to taste perfection in a glass!
  • 6) Murai Family Nigori Genshu “Peach River”
    Say hello to 19.9%! This nigori “unfiltered – cloudy sake” is a massive production in a glass that mesmerizes all nigori fans. All of the milky textures balance into extremely smooth sake that is full and fun. Great fruit tones without being too sweet. Great creaminess without being thick. Just simply a great “foggy” sake that packs a wonderful punch!
  • 7) Tsukasabotan Junmai Daiginjo Genshu Shizuku “King of the Peony”
    Might as well toss in the mix one of the most pampered sakes in the industry. Shizuku sakes are basically the highest form of sake manufacturing as they let this baby gravity drip the sake away from the lees. This King is a very tasty sake that has layers and layers of bright fruit tones with a very elegant acidity play that speaks to those white wine drinkers out there who like to be surprised by what’s in the glass! I also paired this sake with a Spicy Uni Pasta for the New York Times. It worked because it’s fantastic!
  • 8) Narutotai Junmai Ginjo Genshu “Red Snapper”
    So you probably have had the Narutotai nama ginjo in the “Can,” but have you ever tried the more elegant and complex Junmai Ginjo? This Red Snapper is a wonderful expression of sake that drinks easy, but there is so much to it! It’s like cave exploring and you discover so many things on so many different levels. Look for a richness here, a silkiness there, and all those wonderful flavors here! Complex western fare take note as this sake is a powerhouse food pairing sake that makes any dish better! This Snapper CAN drink better then it’s fellow brew!
  • 9) Minato Tsuchizaki Yamahai Futsushu Nama Genshu “Harbor”
    Talk about cans! And talk about 21% alcohol! Then let’s talk about one of the most powerful and immense sakes in the store. This “Harbor” is a massive walk on the crazy side of sake. Huge flavors and huge feelings connect to make a “can-tastic” sake that many love to explore and party with! Not a super fruity sake, but a bold brew that speaks to those who love extremely large red wines that blow you away with impact and intensity! Save the drought with this sake that is so large it can make it rain!
  • 10) Born Muroka Daiginjo Nama Genshu
    Welcome to one of the most amazing sakes at the store! This nama Daiginjo is a flavor rush like no other! Can you say umami? Can you say unique? Talk about an indiviudual in the over populated sake world. Born is a complex exploration of sake that will open your eyes and fascinate you every bottle, every glass, every sip! An extremely popular sake amongst those who “know” sake. Give this sake a try and you will be sold! It will teach you a thing or two for sure!
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