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“Ask Beau” – “What does True Sake’s most successful year mean to you?”

In a word it means a lot! It means the True Sake team is awesome. It means sake is awesome. But more importantly it means that our customers are totally awesome. With great achievement comes great appreciation and even greater gratitude.

I’ve always had great faith in sake. I’ve always known that the sake market will one day take its rightful place beside wine, beer, and spirits, and we are almost there. This year because of the stewardship of Stephen and the amazing grace of Mei and our True Sake team we have achieved a level of success that I had always imagined but never believed we could obtain in a small brick and mortar store in San Francisco.

It pleases me to no ends to say that you have been right there with us. True Sake would not be in existence if it weren’t for you. And that is why we are so excited to share our next step of this adventure with you in the form of True Cup. TCSF will be an extension of our knowledge and service, and we have been very very ready to share this next expression with you! You the very same people who have made our days fun, and our evenings even more fun! We look forward to fascinating you and taking your sake drinking experience to the next level. We have literally talked the talk for well over a decade and now it is time to walk the walk. And we are ready! We have taken everything that you have taught and shared with us and have reduced that into a bar space that will become ground zero for the next “big thing” for the sake industry. And you have ownership! You are a partner! And we look forward to growing with you here, there, and hopefully everywhere one day!

It hasn't always been easy, but it has always been fun. From doing small in-house tastings in the Upper Haight to large-scale tastings in gymnasiums we have been honing our craft to explain sake by drinking sake. True Cup is that final destination. It is our end game in terms of providing a very unique drinking space where sake is the main player at center stage. I promise you that the sake industry will sit up and take notice. San Francisco, True Sake, and you have created the next “thing” the next pioneering endeavor in the sake world and you should be damn proud! We are! And despite a timing set back or two or three Ha! We feel that these hiccups have actually been a benefit for us, and have put us in a better “ready” position. And we are ready for sake’s future! Are you?

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