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Sake Rice – “My” Yamadanishiki Update

Sake Rice August 2016 A

As many of you read in the May True Sake Newsletter, I went to Hyogo Japan for the 10th Anniversary of the International Wine Challenge. During my visit, I was privileged to plant sake rice in the best rice growing region of Japan.

It was truly a great experience, and it continues to keep on giving! Literally. I just received an update from the farmers who are growing our Yamadanishiki rice. And they are very pleased to announce that “my rice” is doing great!

Dear Judge of IWC committee and related persons,

We will report the growth stage of Yamada Nishiki that you transplanted on May 19th. The growth of Yamada Nishiki is going well on this time. We think that the time of formation of younger ear will be on the begging of August, and ear-forming period ( flowering period ) will be at the end of August. We will contact you concerning the harvest of Yamada Nishiki at the later date. (See attached file: Yamada-Nishiki report in July .pdf)

Sincerely yours, Taketo Yamagushi

Sake Rice August 2016 A

How cool is that? I have had the honor of planting rice, harvesting rice, taking rice to specialty rice distribution centers for judging and, of course, drinking rice. But that day in Hyogo was really amazing, and add to that the fact that it is in the heart of the most superior rice growing region in the nation, making it all the more special. I am not allowed to say who is brewing the rice when harvested, but I will let you know how “my rice” tastes.

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